Netrunner Tokens


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With our 1st Edition Netrunner set, you'll get:

18 one credit / advancement double-sided flip tokens
5 five credit tokens
7 tag / bad publicity double-sided flip tokens
10 red virus / purple virus double-sided flip tokens
5 brain damage
5 used click / unused click double-sided flip tokens

When designing these tokens, we make sure to stay true to the original designs and colors so that your opponents will instantly know what your tokens are.


You will need to provide one roll of 50 US or Canadian pennies or 2¢ Euro coins. The shinier and cleaner the better. If your coins are really old and dirty, the adhesive may not stick as well as it could.

Any coin 19mm in diameter will work perfectly.

Pennies are not included.  You wouldn't want us to include pennies anyways, since the cost of shipping them to you will cost a lot more than 50¢