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Why Our Tokens Are Awesome

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Our Design Philosophy

We design our tokens with three specific goals in mind:

  1. They can be understood across the table.
  2. They have similar designs and colors to the official tokens.
  3. They look awesome.

We think it’s important that you shouldn’t have to explain what each of your tokens are to every person you play.


A Pleasure To Use

The polyurethane on burger tokens has a slight tackiness to it.

You can stack them easily because they gently stick to each other. You can even pick up a small stack of them only holding the top one.

Often you may need to stack a few tokens and slide the whole stack around.  Burger tokens do this effortlessly by only touching the top token and gliding the whole stack around the table. Try doing that with cardboard.

With their flying saucer shape, they're extremely easy to pick up off the table because of the raised edge.  You will never need to slide these tokens to the edge of the table to pick them up or struggle to get your fingernail under them, regardless of the surface.


Regarding Durability

Our tokens are created with a layer of polyurethane epoxy and adhered with 3M adhesive.

The polyurethane we use is resistant to water, rust, scratching, fading, salt, acid, oils, germs and chemicals. You can press your fingernail into the epoxy and watch the dent fade away to look like new after 10 seconds.

The adhesive we use will resist contact with mild acids and alkalines, oils, grease, gasoline kerosene, JP-4 fuel, and many other standard solvents.

Needless to say, if all you're doing is pushing these tokens around on a board, they will likely last you a lifetime.