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Spindown Counters (6 dice)


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  • Rainbow Pride.
  • Red & Black swirl. 
  • Matte Black Cracked Glass. These are made of precious gemstone, and are twice as heavy as standard dice! They feel extremely premium.
  • All solid colors are now available weighted! They're three times heavier than unweighted dice, so they feel amazing in hand!  These dice are especially bad for rolling because of the metal block in the middle.

Stop fiddling with dice just to adjust the value!


A pack of Spindown Counters comes with 6 dice that feature rearranged faces and small plus and minus icons in order to adjust the shown number quickly and easily. 

The faces are oriented so that the number will always be facing the correct direction after adjusting the value.

These are completely original dice, specifically designed for tracking numbers (life, damage, uses remaining, etc) in lots of card and board games.


Key features:

  • Extra large at 18mm to reduce accidental changes.
  • Large numbers with high contrast for improved readability.
  • Rearranged faces and +/- icons to streamline changing the current number by 1.
  • Each pack of 6 comes in a nice plastic case, the same kind we use for our deckboxes.


Note: due to the rearranged faces, these probably shouldn't be used for rolling random numbers