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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What exactly do I get when I buy a set from you?

A: We sell our tokens by the sheet. You'll get a sheet of 100 "buns" with really strong adhesive and layer of epoxy on each.  For each set, you will need to supply 50 of your own pennies or other coinage.

Q: How long does assembly take?

A: In our experience, it takes most people between 10 and 15 minutes to put one set together.

Q: For international orders, will I need to pay customs?

A: We ship exclusively through USPS, which means that you may or may not need to pay customs, depending on your country's mail system.

We do pay the shipping cost on orders over $50 (an approx $15 value), but you will still be responsible for customs fees in your country.

UK CUSTOMERS: Royal Mail charges a flat 8£ handling fee on top of the other import fees.  It sucks, but you should know about it.

Q: Do I need a coin in the middle? Why can't I just stick two "buns" to each other?

A: The coin in the middle gives each token the majority of its weight and stability.  It'll also be nearly impossible to line the two "buns" up perfectly without exposing any adhesive. 

Q: I'm not from the USA, which coins will work best?

A: Lots of international coins will work great.  Visit our page: Using International Coins

Q: What do you mean by "Self Healing"?

A: Our "buns" are created with crystal clear epoxy over the artwork. Unless you cut it with a knife, the epoxy won't scratch or change shape over time. You can press your nail into it and the dent will go away after 10 to 15 seconds. As an added bonus epoxy will prevent the art from yellowing in sunlight.

Q: Will you sell only part of a set or a set with a different distribution of tokens?

A: Due to the economics of scale and distribution, it's not possible for us to offer piecemeal tokens right now. This is something we wish we could offer.  Hopefully we can in the future.

Q: What diameter are your "buns"?

A: 18.6mm