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RPG Common Monsters #1


Our premium token set for rpg monsters comes with 50 tokens that you'll be able to use for a variety of RPG systems in a fantasy setting.

Each monster is labeled 1 through 6 to help players distinguish between them when multiple are on the table. 
If you buy 2 sets, you can put the same monster number on both sides of the coin to get 6 unique tokens for each monster.

Included with each set are monsters designed by our talented in-house artist, Yauhen Paleski:

3 wolves.
3 bears.
3 skeletons.
3 goblins.
3 hobgoblins.
3 kobolds.
3 bandits.
3 zombies.
3 giant snakes.
3 orcs.
3 bugbears.
3 giant spiders.
3 ghouls.
3 gnolls.
3 swarms of rats.
3 treasure chests (double-sided with treasure inside).
2 treasure chests (double-sided with mimics inside).


Our tokens are made with a near-invincible epoxy, ultra-strong 3M adhesive, and a top of the line full-color offset print.  Place a "bun" on each side of a penny, and you get a luxury token that will last you a lifetime.

Read more about why our tokens are awesome here.

Pennies aren't included.  You wouldn't want them to be anyways, since you would pay more in shipping than the pennies are worth.

You don't live in the USA?

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Our tokens are third-party accessories produced and sold exclusively by us, Burger Tokens.